Bill Barnish

Real Estate and Aerial Photography

Bill Barnish Real Estate Photographer

When todays prospective buyers make the decision to purchase a new home, they go to their phone, tablet or computer and search the internet.   They make look at 10 or 20 homes that day.  Just think how many homes they clicked over just because the pictures did not do the home justice.
Anybody can go and take a few pictures and post them on MLS.  I know, I am constantly looking at the current listings and am shocked at what I see.  
When I shoot a house I just don't take pictures.  I compose each shot to ensure that it captures the best look and feel of the house.  I want the prospective buyers to envision themselves living there before they step one foot in the house.   
I always had a passion for photography and I have been a Real Estate Photographer for four years.  O